Easy-to-Use API

Symbiont Assembly™ has a clean and minimalist API, and its ease-of-use belies the advanced technology that lies beneath it. Assembly’s API makes it easy to integrate distributed ledger storage with any system.

Open-Source Utility Libraries

Assembly focuses exclusively on being the best possible distributed ledger, providing a foundation on which any permissioned blockchain application may be built. With Assembly handling consensus, blockchain developers are free to focus on building great applications.

Dedicated Distributed Ledger

As part of our Assembly software development kit, we’ve released the full specifications for the ledger API, as well as a mock ledger server implementing it, the ledger client library, example client applications and integration tests.


Powerfully Secure

Byzantine Fault-Tolerant Consensus

Assembly’s consensus protocol is proven to be resilient against all types of network failures and malicious attacks. All without using any mining or cryptocurrency.

Cryptographic Integrity Checks

Every bit of data added to the ledger is authenticated and hashed for perfect integrity and verifiability.


Data is only ever added—never deleted or altered—guaranteeing an immutable record of transaction history: This provides for an unbreakable audit trail of all operations on the distributed ledger, for network participants and regulators alike.

Uncompromisingly Fast

Assembly demonstrates its robustness and maturity by achieving the performance necessary for financial markets, while never compromising security. No other ledger can process 80,000 transactions per second.

Assembly allows all data, such as scanned legal documents, to be stored directly on-ledger without the bloat that troubles less performant distributed ledgers, and without a third-party datastore.


1—Symbiont.io, Assembly Performance Tests, September 2016. Testing was performed with null data payloads on a four-node network of c4.8xlarge machines in the Frankfurt region of AWS.

2—Based on testing conducted in August 2014.

3—Theoretical maximum for a private network. Buterin, Vitalik. “Ethereum Platform Review: Opportunities and Challenges for Private and Consortium Blockchains.” r3cev.com, 2 June 2016, p. 21

4—Testing reported October 11, 2016, with four nodes, each transaction including a simple ChainCode Invoke call.


Applications & Use Cases

Assembly forms the foundation of Symbiont’s Smart Securities® Platform, which is being used to revolutionize the following industries:


Syndicated Loans

Assembly scales to large, decentralized networks of nodes, supporting the complex workflows and business logic of the leveraged loan market.


Insurance & Reinsurance

With its ability to store large amounts of data efficiently, Assembly facilitates the negotiation and syndication of insurance and reinsurance contracts, as well as claims management, reducing costly disputes



As part of the Delaware Blockchain Initiative, Assembly is trusted to store the State’s archival data. Future plans include incorporation registrations, UCC filings, liens, property titles, etc.